Attention Directors/Conductors:

Commissioning a band composition can be a significant and meaningful experience for you, your students and your school/community.  I have created over 50 commissioned works for school bands, community bands and professional organizations...and each has been unique and special.  Give me a call at 405-905-9484 and let's visit personally about your level of interest and timeline for commissioning a work for your band.  Typically a commissioned work can be completed within 6-18 months, depending on various criteria. 

The standard fee for a commissioned work for band is $1250 per grade level.  For example, the fee for a Grade 3 standard instrumentation work would be $3750.  Special projects and/or unique instrumentation requirements are negotiable.  

I encourage you to give serious consideration to the impact that commissioning a work can have on your students and your program.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Ed Huckeby