Ed Huckeby

Digital Art

Canvas Prints

To order one of the limited edition color prints on canvas, go to Contact Ed Huckeby (above) and send an email message identifying the size and title of the numbered print desired.  You will be contacted with information about payment and shipping options.

Scroll over each digital art image to see the title of the Ed Huckeby composition which inspired the art.  Click on the image to see a "landscape" version of each digital work.  Each piece is available in limited edition full color prints on canvas in the following sizes (custom sizes available): 

    8" x 8" -     $   50                           12" x 8" -   $ 100                            20" x 16" - $ 200     

    30" x 20" - $ 300                           36" x 24" - $ 500                           48" x 36" - $ 750

A maximum of twenty (20) prints of each work will be created, signed and numbered by the composer/artist.  A CD copy of the composition recording will also be included with the canvas print.  The listed price includes shipping and handling.  If your favorite composition is not yet represented in the above images, please go to "Contact Ed Huckeby" to inquire about being the first to own a print of the art work based on that title.  New digital art inspired by your favorite Ed Huckeby composition will be forthcoming in the near future!

Dr. Ed Huckeby